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Melina Versus Alicia Fox at Summer Slam

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You probably already know that the SummerSlam WWE ppv is August 15, 2010 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.
Among the featured wrestling matches will be a Divas match for the WWE Divas Championship between Melina (the challenger) and Alicia Fox (the champion).
This will be the first time this title has been defended at Summer Slam.

Thank God.

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Maybe the WWE will end this farce and put the belt back into the hands of an actual wrestler.
The only thing I have against this match is the lack of build up.
Melina returned to the WWE on August 2nd on RAW, jumped Alicia and now she already has a title shot.
Less than two weeks build up?
I know Melina is a fan favorite, and she has the skills, mike and in ring.
But shouldn’t they have aimed for a bit more of a build up?
I guess I am just spoiled from "back in the day" when feuds had months of build up.

Well the WWE did give Melina the WWE Diva's belt as she beat Alicia Fox at last night's SummerSlam.
Best part of the match to me:
It looks like Melina injures her knee early in the Alicia goes to work on her arm.

And afterwards, Team Lay-Cool interrupted Melina's victory celebration with a one sided beat down.

Melina Versus Alicia Fox at Summer Slam, posted to on August 13th, 2010

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