Monday, June 6, 2016

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte - SmackDown!

On WWE SmackDown, Becky Lynch took on Charlotte, who was of course accompanied by Dana Brooke.
Charlotte took control and kept it up to the first commercial break and it was a decent match.
Not great but good.
Becky locked in the DisArmHer, which of course was Dana's cue to interfere and cause the disqualification which started a beat down that was broken up when Natalya ran in to help Becky.

I'm glad that the Nature Boy is out of this.
The focus is back on the Divas now.
I hate that Becky's hair has changed.
I guess it was getting to close to the WWE's "Golden Girl" Eva Marie.

Monday, May 9, 2016

WWE Diva Emma

You know I wanna say that Emma is getting better in the WWE.
But she was trained by PWA Australia and Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy and made her debut in 2007.
She has been wrestling for nine years and five of them have been with the WWE.
So she was well on her way before she got there.
Maybe the WWE is just using her better now.
At least she isn't doing that stupid dance anymore.

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