Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Maryse back in the WWE....Kinda

Yes the gorgeous Maryse is back in the WWE.
The former two time WWE Divas Champion and one of the best Heels the WWE has ever had came back on the April 4, 2016 episode of Raw.
However, she is just accompanying her husband, The Miz to the matches.
And of course interfering in them.
What else would Maryse do?
She is now his "manager" and looks better than she ever did.
And now she and the Miz are referred to as the "It Couple".

Maybe if we are very good and take our vitamins and say our prayers....Maryse will actually suit up and get back in the ring.
I think a Charlotte/Maryse feud would be awesome.

Monday, April 4, 2016

WWE Divas Action at Wrestlemania

Last night was WrestleMania 32 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and they had a lot of Divas action interspersed among everything.
As opposed to other Wrestlemanias that the Divas weren't even included in.

In a 10-Diva tag team match, Team Total Divas (Brie Bella, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie) defeated Team B.A.D. & Blonde (Lana, Naomi, Tamina, Emma and Summer Rae) by submission.

In a Triple Threat match for the inaugural WWE Women's Championship, Charlotte (with Ric Flair of course) defeated Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks by submission.

And although it wasn't a Divas match, Roman Reigns defeated Triple H in a singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and during the course of the match, Roman hit Steph (who was wearing very interesting gear) with a spear.

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