Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Asuka Lock

WWE Diva Asuka is a dominate force in the WWE.
I've been watching her career since she was a dominate force in Japan.
One of the reasons she dominates here in the US is the dread Asuka Lock, which is a Crossface chickenwing with bodyscissors.
Once she locks that on, it's pretty much over.
Of course thats here.
As Kana, she had a whole arsenal of finishing moves like Billiken (Running hip attack), the Henkei Zombie-gatame (Leg trap camel clutch), the Kanagon (Grounded dragon sleeper) and the Seated Fujiwara armbar.
So if she needs it, Kana has a lot of moves in her bag of tricks besides the Asuka Lock.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

WWE Diva Nia Jax - Powerhouse

WWE Diva Nia Jax (Savelina Fanene) showing off some of that "Monster Heel" power.
Nia was Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Rookie of the Year in 2016 and she Ranked No. 23 of the top 50 female singles wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 the same year.

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