Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So Who Is WWE Divas Champion Paige Going To Face Now?

With AJ on a leave of absense, who is WWE Divas Champion Paige gonna feud with now?
I really cant get behind a Paige vs Tamina feud.

Paige-WWE-WWE Diva

So will that be it...or will they make the Anti-Diva just wander around for a while from opponent to opponent until they find a good fit?
I am really gonna miss AJ.

Paige-WWE Divas-WWE

Read more about Monday Night Raw's Paige vs Alicia Fox match here:
WWE Raw Results - Paige vs Alicia Fox

Saturday, April 12, 2014

WWE Diva Layla is a Valet Now

WWE Diva Layla El who has been the WWE Divas Champion and the WWE Women's Champion is now the valet of Fandango.
Hey, she's only been with the WWE since 2006 and can actually wrestle.
Why not just make her eye-candy.

WWE Diva Layla is a Valet Now

WWE SmackDown Results - No Divas Matches

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