Monday, August 6, 2007

Crystal White - Crystal Carmichael - Female Wrestling

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Crystal White (aka Crystal "The Diva" Carmichael) was born on October 3rd, 1981 in Chicago Illinois.
She made her wrestling debut in 1999 and several years ago, she was one of the hottest lady wrestlers on the independent wrestling circuit, working for indy wrestling promotions like WEW, IUWA, WCPW, EWF.
She even at one time held the WCPW (Windy City Pro Wrestling)Women's Wrestling Title.
Crystal has a background in greco roman and submission wrestling and had one of the best scissor holds around.
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She stood five foot eight, weighed 125 pounds and measured 34-22-35.
Crystal not only took on other female wrestlers, but males as well.
When Crystal wasn't wrestling, she did some modeling for companies like Levi, Betsy Johnson, and Narcisse Designs.

women of wrestling, women wrestling, wrestling women

You can find out more about Crystal at her Yahoo group here:

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