Thursday, September 2, 2010

WWE NXT Goes FCW Divas

It looks like the WWE will finally have an all female wrestling show.
Season 3 of WWE NXT will be all FCW Divas.
Allegedly SyFy was ready to pull the plug on the show because it was getting lower ratings than ECW had during it's run.
But someone figured out.....
"Hey...let's use beautiful women!"
Wow, you guys are quick.

Okay I'll stop complaining and take a look at the FCW Divas that will be competing...

Without a doubt, the Diva that's gonna attract the most attention is Aloisia, who you may know from the Indy wrestling promotions as Isis the Amazon.
Yes this woman lives up to that name at six foot nine.
Even if she doesn't win the competition, I expect the WWE to pull a "Diva Search" and hire her anyway.

UPDATE: It looks like Aloisia has been removed from the line up.

The NXT ring announcer Jamie Keyes will be stepping into the ring as well.
Jamie's real name is Brittany Beede and she was born on December 31st, 1984 in Saraosota, Florida.

AJ Lee's real name is April Jeanette, and she was born on March 19, 1987 in Union City, New Jersey.
She has held the Queen of FCW title in Florida Championship Wrestling.

Next up is Aksana who is Lithuanian fitness model, bodybuilder Zivile Raudoniene.
Aksana was born on April 29, 1982 in Lithuania.
This five foot five, one hundred and thirty pound competitor has had first place finishes at the 2006 NPC Metropolitan, the NPC Pittsburgh, the 2007 IFBB New York Pro and the 2009 Arnold Classic.

Naomi Night's real name is Trinity McCray, and she too has held the Queen of FCW title.
Before wrestling, Naomi was a cheerleader with the Orlando Magic.
The WWE signed her in 2009.

Maxine, formerly known as Liviana in FCW (Karlee Perez), will also be competing.

You can see the NXT Divas being introduced by their pros here

It looks like this will be the last cycle of NXT unless the numbers go way up.

UPDATE: Since Aloisia is gone, will we get Ricki Vaughn or Christina Fox to replace her?

You can read more about the FCW Divas, past and present here:

And more about them on NXT here:

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