Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Wrestlicious News

As was pointed out to me in a comment, the "face" of the new Wrestlicious promotion is Jimmy Hart, but the Wrestlicious promotion is being funded by 19-year-old Jonathan Vargas.
(I would have loved to just post the comment but somehow Blogger "ate"the comment when I tried to publish it. The poster was a "lost" someone, if that person would contact me I'll be more than happy to credit them for pointing this out)
As you may already know, Jonathan won the $35 Million Powerball Jackpot this past May.
So this young man is evidently really making his dreams come true.
Jonathan plans on appearing on the show as "JV Rich", the Rapper/Owner of Wrestlicious.

And the reason Wrestlicious looks so much like GLOW is that the Senior Producer of the show is GLOW alumni Johnny Cafarella.
And here is how some of the female wrestlers got around contract conflicts....
13 episodes were secretly taped last August.
That's how they got Daffney (TNA's Governor) and Madison Rayne (another TNA Knockout) on the show.
And according to sources all over the web, FOX has indeed picked up the show and will run the 13 episodes this Fall.

And since I can't resist it, here's another Wrestlicious promo.....

And there is also a Wrestlicious website up now.....

UPDATE: Okay, I found out now and credit for letting me know about this goes to lostangel84!
So thank you very much lostangel84 for putting me on to this!


LC David said...
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LC David said...

Wrestlicious News is 100% perfect and female wrestlers always have conflicts in contracts and other issue.....
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dave k. said...

After watching the clip a few times (with the sound off)I'm going to guess that the voodoo chick was Lexie Fyfe and "Glory" was Christi Ricci. I also think I spotted Team Blondage and Nicole Sullivan. I KNOW that the singing trio were Caged Heat and Jade from WOW. This is gonna be fun.

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