Monday, March 9, 2009

Gail Kim to Return at Wrestlemania 25 ?

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Well the WWE Wrestlemania 25 women's wrestling event may be a disappointment to some.
A lot of fans were looking forward to at least one good singles match, but they are having a 25 Diva Battle Royal.
How can they have a 25 Diva Battle Royal?
The WWE doesn't even have 25 Divas do they?
Nope, but they are calling up the reserves.
This could be as much fun for the female wrestling fans as a Legends Battle Royal

The list goes like this, but I already see one possible exception.

1. Beth Phoenix
2. Candice Michelle (recently injured her ankle, expected to be out till April, will she make it?)
3. Jillian Hall
4. Kelly Kelly
5. Layla
6. Melina
7. Mickie James
8. Rosa Mendes
9. Brie Bella
10. Eve
11. Maria
12. Maryse
13. Michelle McCool
14. Nikki Bella
15. Alicia Fox
16. Katie Lea Burchill
17. Natalya
18. Tiffany

Now the other participants are up in the air, but rumors include.....

Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Jackie Gayda (Jackie Gayda-Haas)
And the return of Gail Kim.

Of course this is the perfect time to bring Gail back in, have her win the match and be declared the new number one challenger.
Remember the first battle royal Gail was in?

I have to admit, I think Mr.McMahon came up with a good idea this time.
This will give all the Divas some Wrestlemania time.


MC said...

It'll be interesting to see which former divas return for this match..There's been a rumor of Sunny getting involved also which would be great. Wouldn't mind seeing Sable, Lita, Trish, Stacey and Torrie as well!

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

I knew there was another Diva I had heard rumors about and Sunny was it.
I just couldn't remember who it was.

David Funk said...

Yeah, the Divas need some star power, but I agree the concept of getting them all air time in one match is a good one.

This is WrestleMania, and they need to pull out all the stops to bring the best of the best back. Trish, Lita, Gail, and the rest of the former Divas coming back for the event would give the division a much needed shot in the arm!

Nice post!

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