Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WWE Diva News: New Diva, And What's Up With Vince?

For some reason the WWE has signed British body-double (?) Rachael Carr.
Carr has doubled for stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Kylie Minogue.

Couldn't the WWE find anymore female wrestlers in the Indy promotions?
I mean they just signed Miss April, and from what I've seen, that looked like a good call.
Is Rachael going to be a backstage interviewer?

TheSun.co.uk is reporting that Vince McMahon is currently "down" on the Divas division.
(Like we couldn't guess that from the Wrestlemania debacle)
In the last six pay-per views, there have only been two Diva-related matches, and there has only been one Diva-related title defense out of the last eight WWE PPV's .
What's Vince so upset about?
Mickie James, Maryse, Michelle McCool and Melina have all been turning in great ring performances I thought.
Of course I have only been watching wrestling for about 40 years so what do I know?

Yeah there are some slip ups and misses occasionally.
But all the WWE Superstars do that.
We may not have our current Trish Stratus or Lita yet, but unless you get the ladies in the ring and have them work, we won't have one.

The WWE has female wrestlers with solid wrestling backgrounds like Beth Phoenix, Mickie, Melina and believe it or not, Jillian Hall.
And a lot of the ladies I discounted at first like Michelle and Maryse are REALLY working at getting better.
And they are.

I'm gonna beat a dead horse here I know, but look at this.....

Beth Phoenix: Wrestled on the Elmira, New York Notre Dame High School scholastic wrestling team, first female varsity wrestler in her high school's history, North-East freestyle women's champion (72 kg weight class) in 1999, women's champion (72 kg weight class) at the New York State Fair Tournament in 1999, member of USA Wrestling, a freestyle wrestling association.

Jillian Hall: Debuted in 1998 as Macaela Mercedes on the independent circuit after being trained by Finlay. She's been in pro wrestling for 11 years!

Mickie James: Debuted on the independent circuit in 1999, trained at a professional wrestling school in the Washington, D.C. area, the Funking Conservatory (Dory Funk, Jr.'s school), the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) dojo and attended camps run by Ricky Morton and Bobby Eaton.

Gail Kim: Debuted in 2000 after training at Ron Hutchinson's "School of Pro Wrestling", Rob Etchevarria's "Squared Circle Pro Wrestling Gym" and also at the Funking Conservatory.

Melina: Debuted in April 2002 after training at Jesse Hernandez's School of Hard Knocks and the Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF) officials said that she had the most natural ability of any woman who came through their school.

These ladies are not fly by night athletes.

WWE Diva News: New Diva, And What's Up With Vince?, posted to http://beautiful-wrestling.blogspot.com/ on 6-19-2009

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Dezito said...

http://cromoswwf.blogspot.com/ with all the legends of WWF

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Jillian Hall has been in wrestling 11 years!

I wonder how long she's been singing... lol

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