Thursday, October 16, 2008

WWE Diva Melina's Return

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The long awaited return of WWE Diva Melina will be at Cyber Sunday.
She'll participate in the Divas Halloween Costume Contest, but dont look for her to be in ring action yet.
Melina still hasn't been cleared by the doctors yet and her actual ring return wont be until probably January 2009.
You know when I write about the Divas in the WWE that really can wrestle, I often forget Melina.
But Melina made her professional debut back in April 2002. She wrestled extensively in the Indys and OVW before moving to the WWE in 2005.

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1 comment:

RĂ©mi said...

She wasn't at Cyber Sunday :(

Hope she'll be full recoverded for January ! :D

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