Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WWE Diva Natalya - Surfboard

Known by many names, Surfboard, Romero Special, Ceiling Hold, La Tapatía ("The one from Jalisco"), this submission move was created by luchador Rito Romero and seems to be used by WWE Diva Natalya quite a bit.
Though it was originally pretty popular with male wrestlers, it seems to be one of the more popular women wrestling holds now.
Here is Kaitlyn on the receiving end of the hold not once, but twice.

female wrestling-kaitlyn wwe-women of wrestling
wwe women wrestlers-ceiling hold-diva wwe

And just for fun, here is Natalya putting Michelle McCool in one as well...

WWE Diva Natalya - Surfboard

Nattie punishing Eve with a Surfboard

And Michelle McCool again on the receiving end of a Surfboard

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