Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WWE Wrestling - Melina versus Alicia Fox

Melina - Alicia Fox - WWE

Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, they had a Diva's Championship match with the champion Melina defending her title against Alicia Fox.
I still cannot figure out why in the world Fox is getting such a push, but how can I not like a match that Judah Friedlander from "30 Rock" is involved in?
Well Frank...I mean Judah comes out and says that he will be the special guest announcer and he introduces Melina and Alicia.
Alicia jumps on Judah (not literally) and tells him to announce her as the next Diva Champion.
Judah says he cant do that, he only came to Raw for two reasons....
One, to see Melina's entrance, and two, to announce that the Diva's Championship match is now a lumberjill match.
The Divas all come out and surround the ring.
The match takes place and I'm wondering why we aren't watching Melina and a real contender going at it rather than this.
(wasn't Alicia almost fired from OVW for showing up for work intoxicated once? Why yes she was.)

But anyway Melina pulls out the victory (thank goodness) which leads to an all out brwal and "Team Mickie" coming out on top.

If you missed the match, you can see the whole thing at WWE.com here:

How much you wanna bet we'll see footage from this match show up on 30 Rock in the future?

Melina - Alicia Fox - wwe wrestling

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David Funk said...

I'm not sure why Fox is getting a push when you got Gail Kim on the Raw roster. It seems burying the former TNA performers continues, but then again, this has been a common practice for about 30 years in the WWE. And yes, that includes Christian because the ECW title might as well be the equivalent of the IC belt.

Don't get me wrong, Fox is just that, a fox. But there are clearly others who deserve a push and can put on better matches.

And can Smackdown please quit feeding Beth Phoenix a bunch a jobbers to establish what we already know? I haven't watched it lately, but I get tired of reading match results that say, "Beth beat someone, who's name I couldn't hear during the announcement". So the point of her coming to SD was???

Nice post, Sabre!

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