Friday, October 30, 2009

Female Wrestling Updates, Lacey Von Erich, Awesome Kong, Angelina Love and Mickie James

Lacey Von Erich - wrestling news and rumors
The question " Lacey Von Erich is hot, but can she wrestle?" may be causing some trouble at TNA. is reporting that not only did Lacey trip and fall when she tried to do a run in at the Knockouts Elimination wrestling match on iMPACT! two weeks ago, (hey, everyone makes mistakes right?), but while training at the Impact! Zone, she injured a hamstring and proceded to act like a "Diva" as she complained loudly all night that she was in pain.
Then she told a male trainer to get her some ice, which lead to said training walking in on a half dressed Awesome Kong who wasn't happy.
Evidently she grabbed Lacey and took her to the trainer's room where she let Lacey have it, with Kurt Angle watching.
Lacey wasn't happy about this and went to TNA management to complain, and they sided with Kong.
Lacey had better watch her step or she'll be looking at Wrestlicious as the highlight of her wrestling career.
And if I were her, I wouldn't be getting on the wrong side of the Awesome one.

Angelina Love - wrestling rumors
And former TNA Knockout Angelina Love mad a surprise appearance at Live Pro Wrestling's "Halloween Massacre" wrestling show on October 25th.
Originally it was reported that Angelina wouldnt be able to appear at the show, but she did.
You can see pictures from the event here:

By the way, TNA has some Halloween Knockouts photos posted at their site here:
As far as I can tell it's a Wizard of Oz theme.
You gotta admit, Tara looks better as the Wicked Witch of the West than she did a ....banana?

Mickie James -  female wrestling
Mickie James seems to be going full steam ahead on her singing career, as she has hired Nashville-based image Image Consultant Lori Bumgarner to manage her career.
You can check out Lori's homepage here:

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