Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Female Wrestling - Mickie James, Trish Stratus, Michelle McCool and Ashley Massaro

Here's some more WWE Diva, TNA Knockout and Wrestlicious wrestling news and rumors...

At the WWE PPV, Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Mickie James took on the champion Michelle McCool and Michelle came out on top to retain her title.

And on WWE Raw Monday night, there was a 7 on 7 Diva Match, which really turned out to be a Rosa versus Mickie wrestling match, with Mickie winning.

Afterwards, Maria won the Slammy Diva of the Year Award that was voted on by the fans.
As Maria was thanking the fans, Batista pulled a Kanye West and cut her off.
Hey, they have been doing that in pro wrestling for decades.

Remember former WWE Diva (kinda), bikini and glamour model, actress and Wrestlicious star Bobbie Billard?
Well The Heyman Hustle has a bunch of new pictures of her that you can see here:

Here is yet another possible return to wrestling rumor from another former WWE Diva, Ashley Massaro.
She said on her Twitter account...
"Thanks for asking my tattos are all good now and healed yay! And to answer ur ques i do plan on comin back to the ring...after traininwoohoo"
Coming back to the ring after training?
Could that be WWE, TNA or even Wrestlicious?
I think Ashley would be a good fit at TNA.

Speaking of former WWE Divas, you can follow Trish Stratus at her Twitter account here:

The WWE has a Nikki and Brie Bella Hockey themed photo shoot that you can see here:

WWE Diva Alicia Fox will be out for a bit as she sustained a dislocated shoulder on November28 at a live WWE event in Johnson City, Tennessee.

I loved TNA for so long because they seemed to stay away from gimmick matches in the womens division, but now they are getting just as bad as the WWE.
They had a "Beautiful People Mud Wrestling Match" that seemed to have no purpose other than having Velvet Sky wrestle Lacey Von Erich in the mud with Taylor Wilde as the ref.
Yes I do realize that those are three of the best looking women in wrestling today, and that TNA just did this for ratings.
And yes TNA still has the best female divison in wrestling (Not counting Indys), but for a long time I said you wouldn't see this type of match on TNA because they valued their performers reputations.
Guess I was wrong.
If you want to see the match (and like I said, it IS Velvet Sky, Lacey Von Erich and Taylor Wilde so who could really blame you?) you can check out the link here:

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