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WWE Diva Candice Michelle says it's all chicken and veggies

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WWE Diva Candice Michelle says it's all chicken and veggies

Steven J. Austin / Special to The Detroit News

WWE's Candice Michelle tries to keep her diet a healthy balance of protein and fruits and vegetables.

She is definitely not your average girl next door.

Candice Michelle is a World Wrestling Entertainment diva, starring on "RAW," USA network's super popular Monday night show. She's also universally known for her eyebrow-raising appearances in the TV commercials and roles in a host of movies and TV shows. Candice also graced the cover of the April 2006 edition of Playboy.

Expect Michelle to be a featured attraction at WrestleMania 23 on April 1 at Ford Field.

When not battling other WWE divas in the ring or making personal appearances for a variety of charities, this Wisconsin native enjoys most sports, including volleyball, softball and basketball. For more info:

Q. How has your diet changed since you became a WWE Diva?

A. I try to follow the Zone Diet, but I've tried everything from Atkins to South Beach. I now just try to eat healthy and include fruits and veggies, but it's sometimes tough to do when you travel so much. It's so easy to grab some fries at McDonald's, so to avoid that I try to plan my meals ahead as much as possible. There's always a part of me that wants to stray from a healthy diet, but then I always remember how important my work is and that it's vital for me to be in the best shape possible.

Q. Do your fans send you food items?

A. A few times I've received boxes of chocolates. Mostly fans send me teddy bears, flowers and perfume.

Q. Do some WWE stars have crazy food habits?

A. Honestly, most everyone's diet is basically the same. Chicken and veggies. There are always protein bars, shakes and powders available for us. Protein, protein and more protein!

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