Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beth Phoenix - Breaking WWE Divas

We all know that former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix could probably break 95% of the Divas they had on the roster when she was with the WWE.
With her amateur wrestling background and incredible strength to back it up, not may Divas would have stood a chance in a real match.
So here is Beth bringing the pain to some of the best the WWE had to offer...

Beth Phoenix-Kelly Kelly-WWE-WWE Divas
 Beth punishing Kelly

Beth Phoenix-Melina-WWE-WWE Divas
 Beth bending Melina as far as she would go

Beth Phoenix-Layla-WWE-WWE Divas
 Beth pinning Layla

Beth Phoenix-AJ-WWE-WWE Divas
 Beth teaching AJ a lesson

Beth Phoenix-Kaitlyn-WWE-WWE Divas
 Beth trying to break Kaitlyn in half

Beth Phoenix-Eve-WWE-WWE Divas Beth pinning Eve

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