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Bobbi Billard - Women of Wrestling

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Female bikini model and former pro wrestler Barbara (Bobbi) Billard was born on December 12th, 1975 in Austin, Texas
Bobbi started professional wrestling in the old Women of Wrestling (WOW) promotion (David McLane's wrestling promotion after GLOW).
Using the ring name "Summer," Billard was given the gimmick of a Baywatch-like lifeguard along with a tag team partner named Sandy.
The duo had several tag team matches together and were unsuccessful in the WOW Tag Team Wrestling Title Tournament.
At WOW Unleashed, the team fought to a draw with Farrah and Paradise.

Billard signed with the WWE in late 2003, and entered into their developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.
She received training from Ivory and Jacqueline.
In the summer of 2004, however, herself and fellow model turned wrestler LaTasha Marzolla, were released for "not taking wrestling seriously." Billard rebutts this claiming she did nothing wrong.

Billard attempted to continue wrestling on the independent circuit as "Bobbi Bling Bling."
As to date, she has not returned.


internet_income_business_opportunity_guy said...

I didn't know that Bobbi Billard was an ex-wrestler. I found her at and immediately I was impressed by her energy, business acumen and fun-loving way of life.
Sh is a free spirit and kind-hearted. More success to her.
Bobbi Billard fan

Anonymous said...

Bobbi Billard interview

Catfight Report said...

I think Bobbi is extremely hot. I would have loved to see her become a wrestler. I've always wondered how she would fare in real catfights with other women! :) She certainly gets my imagination going that is for certain.

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