Sunday, March 2, 2014

WWE Main Event Results - Alicia Fox and Aksana vs Eva Marie and Natalya

The WWE had some great women's matches this week.
Well most of them were....

Natalya, Eva Marie, female wrestling, women of wrestling

This match was on WWE Main Event and it really wasn’t much to look at.
Alicia Fox and Aksana aka "Foxsana" took on Eva Marie and Natalya.
You wasn’t that long ago Eva was a Heel.
When did that change?
Heck....I have no idea.

It was a pretty standard match with Foxsana winning after Natalya tried to get the Sharpshooter on Aksana, she kicked out, Nat hit Eva and that set her up for Aksana to nail her with the "Divo Drop".
Making your partner get pinned, even by accident, is one of the quickest ways back to Heel territory.
So expect Eva back there soon.

Aksana, Eva Marie, female wrestling, women of wrestling

The only real wrestling action we saw was when Natalya got the "Hot Tag" from Eva and she came in wide open and....wrestled!

It's a shame really.
These women are all beautiful and if she could get it together, Eva could be the next Kelly Kelly.
Not a hugely competent wrestler, but better than she is now.
And believe it or not I really WANT her to succeed.

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