Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Ex WWE Divas of 2011

The Ex WWE Divas of 2011

Maryse - women of wrestling - wwe divas
Maryse is going on to "Future Endeavors"

Like last year, I thought I would make a list of all the lovely ladies that have passed through the door of the "Sports Entertainment" giant, the WWE
You do know now we are not supposed to refer to their Superstars and Divas as wrestlers right?
So I guess technically it's WE. But I think WE is taken and they dont want another round like they had with the World Wildlife Fund.
Those pandas can deliver a mean chair shot.

Last year they lost...
Maria - released on February 26, 2010
Katie Lea - released on April 22, 2010
Mickie James - released on April 22, 2010
Savannah - released on June 23, 2010
Serena - released on August 27, 2010
Aloisia - released in September 2010
Jamie Keyes - released on October 12, 2010
Jillian Hall - released on November 19, 2010
Tiffany - released on November 19, 2010
Ashley Valence - released on December 27, 2010
More than I thought actually.... is who we lost this far...

Melina - released on August 5, 2011
Maryse - released on October 28, 2011
Gail Kim - released on September 30, 2011 (More like quit actually on August 5, 2011)

I am really surprised that the WWE has not cut more Divas than this so far this year.
I really thought Tamina, Layla, Aksana and Rosa Mendes were living on borrowed time.

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