Monday, April 19, 2010

Wrestling News and Rumors - TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas

The first thing is that at the TNA PPV, Lockdown, not only did the TNA Knockouts title change hands, but the TNA Knockouts tag-team titles did as well.
In a match with Angelina Love and Tara vs. The Beautiful People, Madison Rayne won the match for The Beautiful People when Lacey Von Erich hit Tara with the belt from behind.
Thusly, Madison is the new TNA Knockouts champion, and The Beautiful People are the new TNA Knockouts tag-team champs as well.

After the match, Angelina Love was looking at Tara all mean for getting pinned, she helped Tara up, turned to walk away and Tara attacked Angelina from behind.

Now, there are three articles recently posted at the Bleacher Report that I thought everyone might find interesting.

Firts up, an article by Dan Power, about how the "old school" WWF/WWE female wrestlers would never make it as Divas today.....
"Some of the best wrestling ladies would never be considered to become a Diva in nowadays WWE standards.
Currently, the WWE marketing department presents the Divas as ''Sexy, Smart, Powerful.'. As you see, the word ''sexy'' comes first."

You can read the full article (with slide show) here

Second, there is an article by The Phantom, talking about how some of the current WWE Divas are better wrestlers than you think.
I have to admit I agree with all but one of his picks.
If you read my blogs regularly, you'll know which one I don't agree with.
I also think he left out one major player, but hey, its all opinion right?

You can read the full article (with another really cool slide show) here

And Adam Skylark has an article titled "Is It Time WWE Starting Listing to The Internet Fans" that while it's not exactly directed women's wrestling, it's something I've been saying for awhile.

Wrestling News and Rumors - TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas, posted to on April 19th, 2010.

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Thorsten said...

the Beautiful People are a disgrace to women's wrestling. .
Tara should be the champ and Tara&Angelina the tag team champs.

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