Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wrestling News and Rumors: Awesome Kong, Velvet Sky, Traci Brooks and More

Is Awesome Kong still in TNA?
Well as of right now yes.
According to just about every source on the Web, Kong requested her release from TNA, but TNA denied it.
Where I thought this had to do with the Bubba the Love Sponge incident, it seems it goes deeper.
Kong appears to be upset over the amount of money the wrestling promotion is shelling out for new talent, while they tell her and the other Knockouts they cant get raises.

You know TNA, this is a really good way to lose talent.
Yeah Kong and the others can still wrestle for you, but they can also sleepwalk through wrestling matches, and give lackluster performances.
The last thing TNA needs is a mass exodus of female wrestling talent to the WWE.
Youve already lost Trenesha Biggers (Rhaka Khan), Lauren Brooke, Josette Bynum (Sojo Bolt), Jacqueline Moore, Jenna Morasca, Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman and Alissa Flash (Cheerleader Melissa) in about a years time.
Okay some were not that big of a loss, but some were.
Excessive turnover is not a good thing for the fans.

Pay these "veterans" what they are worth and get that TNA Knockout show (that you have been talking about since 2008) up and running.

And in other TNA Knockout news, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky will both be appearing in an upcoming issue of the UK's FHM Magazine.
They did a shoot while they were on the recent tour of England.
Unfortunately Lacey Von Erich wasn't in the photoshoot because she didnt go.
You may recall that Angelina Love and Velvet were in a Muscle and Fitness magazine awhile back.

One of the biggest (if not the biggest ) wrestling rumors at the moment is the Traci Brooks / Frankie Kazarian story.
I really am not gonna go into all that here.
I just wanted an excuse to post this pic of Traci in a blue bikini from TNA.

And in other news, my friends over at at did their top female wrestlers of 2009 list, and Mercedes Martinez won the 2009 Wrestler of the year award.
Tara won for best TNA star, Melina won RAW Wrestler of the Year and Michelle McCool won Smackdown! Wrestler of the Year.
Out of their Top 25, their top ten picks were:
1) Mercedes Martinez
2) Michelle McCool
3) Amazing Kong
4) Melina Perez
5) Tara
6) Angelina Love
7) Mickie James
8) Sarah Del Rey
9) Angel Orsini
10) ODB

You can go here to see the whole list and write ups.

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