Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WWE Diva Wrestling News and Rumors

Trish is not too impressed with the WWE at the moment

A lot of WWE Diva wrestling news and rumors this time......

I'm not the only one complaining about the sorry 25 Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 25.
Evidently backstage, the WWE Divas felt the same way.
Can you blame them?

And to point out even further what a joke the Diva's " Main Event" was, look at this excerpt from an interview with Trish Stratus by the Times and Transcript...
" Since retiring, Trish has returned to TV the odd time for special occasions, but she recently turned down an offer to appear on the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania, when it was clear WWE didn't have much planned for the divas battle royal.
She says the current state of WWE's women's division leaves a lot to be desired. Storylines, character development and in-ring action aren't really the focus."

You can read the full interview here:

The movie Gail Kim is in, "Royal Kill", got a limited release, and from what I understand, the film is to be avoided big time.
I haven't seen a good review of the movie yet.
I guess that's the reason it was made in 2005 and just released now.
BTW, Gail isn't the only female wrestler in the movie, Molly Holly is in it as well.
The trailer is kinda cool though, they make Gail look almost like a Terminator.
The thing about it is, the production company seems to be embracing just how awful it is and is pushing it as a cult movie.
Let's see if that works.

WWE Diva Candice Michelle is about 3 weeks away from returning to the ring full-time from her ankle injury.
And the rumor is that she wants to go to SmackDown! when she comes back.

According to former WWE Diva Victoria's MySpace blog, she is NOT going to TNA, she was just talking to the president and chairwoman of TNA Dixie Carter at a MMA event.
Victoria says she is firmly focused on her MMA career.
Hmmm...we've been swerved before.

And rumors continue that former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro may be returning to the WWE.
Again the rumor seems to be coming from Ashley herself, this time via her Twitter account.
The funny thing is...I cant find her Twitter account.....

And finally, WWE Diva Rosa Mendez is dating UFC fighter Dean Lister.
If you follow MMA, you may recognize him as the submission-grappling coach for Tito Ortiz's team on "The Ultimate Fighter" reality show.

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