Monday, April 27, 2009

Interview With Female Wrestler, Pink

I didn't really know what blog to post this to, since I have a blog for basically Indy wrestlers and two for Lucha Libre, but the title of this blog is "The Beautiful Women of Wrestling" so this fits fine here.
I've done a few entries on Luchadora Pink on my Lucha blogs, but I was lucky enough to run across her on MySpace, contacted her and she agreed to do a little Q&A form so I could post it and let everyone learn about this lovely young lady.

So without further ado, here is Pink herself....

Height: 5 ft 7in
Weight: 160
Hair: Dark Brown & Pink
Eyes: Dark Brown
Where were you born: San Antonio, TX
When were you born: February 3, 1986

What made you get into wrestling?
When I watched it on TV, I would get mad because i knew I could beat up those girls. even from when I was very young I knew that I would be tough to beat.

Who trained you?
Initial training & graduated from Texas Wrestling Academy - Rudy Boy Gonzalez Jan 06- Nov 07
Majority has been with Raging Bull Manny Fernandez (Since 2007) and the past year has been spent on the road with Simply Luscious and Shawn Hernandez

When and where did you make your wrestling debut?
San Antonio, TX vs Becky Bayless

What's your wrestling style?
Old school American, Lucha and Power/Strong style

What type of outfit do you usually wrestle in?
One piece luchadora style outfit from Monterrey. All my gear is from Mexico. My extended family is from Monterrey. Monterrey is very dear to my heart.

Do you have a gimmick?
I wore a mask in Mexico, i was La Tejana down there. I lost the mask in Dec 2008 but still use the lucha style in my American matches and the American style in my lucha matches. Changing the pace from what my opponent is used to depending on my location.

What was your biggest win?
Very recently, FINALLY defeating Simply Luscious

What was your worst loss?
Losing my mask to La Chacala.. I not only battled her in that match, I also to contend with Tsunami and Dama de Hierro

What's your favorite type of match?
tag match

What are your favorite holds, moves etc?
Mafia Kick, Fugiwara Armbar, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab

What's your finishing move?
Gringa Killer DDT

Who have you tagged with?
Simply Luscious & Joey Spector (misery loves company lol)

Who have you feuded with?
La Chacala, Simply Luscious & Joey Spector (friends close enemies closer)

What's your best moment so far in wrestling?
Wrestling Princesa Sugey... any match with her is tough. She is the best in the world.

Who are your favorite wrestlers?
Manny Fernandez, Princesa Sugey, Jazz

Whats your goal in wrestling?
To wrestle everyday that I am physically able and to make it my sole means of income, whether I am on the road in Mexico/US or under contract with one of the big companies.

Whats the best way for fans to keep up with you?,

Anything you'd like to add?
I think you do a wonderful job spotlighting female fighters in general. I am grateful for you taking the time to put it all together.

And I would like to thank Pink for taking the time out to do this.
The Indy wrestlers of today harken back to the days of Mildred Burke and the other greats.
And they deserve a lot of respect.
Show your support and go see these talented performers when they're in your area.

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