Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lilian Garcia Is Back!

Lilian Garcia Is Back!

Lilian Garcia-wwe

We seem to be losing WWE Divas, but now we are getting a good one back!
Yes the WWE has announced that Lilian Garcia will be returning to the WWE.
"WWE Universe, Lilian Garcia is back in a WWE ring!
Returning to WWE full-time after a more than two-year hiatus, Lilian will be SmackDown’s new ring announcer! It’s her first time joining WWE’s flagship Friday night brand."

Why is this important?
Well Lilian isn't actually a female wrestler, and the storylines they involved her in were to say the least lacking.
But Lilian had the thing that Miss Elizabeth had.
In the WWE with their outrageous storylines, that's a rare thing.
Even if the story line ran south fairly quickly, Lilian seemed to rise above it.

Now I'm wondering what they will do with her.

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