Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ex WWE Diva Maria Returns to the Ring

Maria Returns to the Ring

With all the comings and goings in the WWE, it's hard to keep track of everyone.
But as we have seen with Mickie James, Lisa Marie Varon, Gail Kim and others, just because you leave the WWE, doesn't mean you leave wrestling.
Case in point, ex WWE Diva Maria Kanellis.
Yes Maria will be returning to the squared circle on February 25th, 2012 for New York City based wrestling promotion, Family Wrestling Entertainment.
This will be her first match in over two years, but she said recently on her Facebook page that she had resumed wrestling training.

Okay, Maria was really popular, but to me she was the ultimate Diva jobber.
Don't get me wrong, jobbers are important in wrestling.
They make the heels and faces look better and to tell you the truth, there arent really any jobbers left in the WWE Diva ranks anymore.
It's kind of a lost art.

As far as Family Wrestling Entertainment goes, I had never heard of them.
I checked their website and found this as their "mission statement"...

"Top Rope Promotions, LLC., is proud to present Family Wrestling Entertainment (FWE). FWE is committed to providing a family-friendly wrestling experience with all the action and excitement of the familiar TV-model but without any of the violence typically associated with wrestling entertainment. FWE’s exceptional story lines created by a variety of wrestling personalities provides a unique brand of in-ring entertainment that is appropriate for all members of the family. We are Family Wrestling Entertainment and we take our name very seriously."

Looking at an upcoming card, I noticed that former WWE Diva and current TNA Knockout Winter would be taking on another former WWE Diva Jackie Haas (who I really liked and thought the WWE pretty much wasted) in a match.
You can find out more about the promotion here:

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