Monday, August 29, 2011

Aksana Do Over

You know, I take the summer off and everything changes.
Case in point, Aksana (Zivile Raudoniene).
You probably already know that Zivile was an IFBB Figure Pro with a very promising career before she joined the WWE.
She had racked up wins at the 2006 NPC Metropolitan, the 2006 NPC Pittsburgh, the 2007 IFBB New York Pro and the 2009 Arnold Classic before agreeing to step into the squared circle.

Zivile started out in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) under the name "Olga", but it was soon changed to Aksana.
Good thing too because with "Olga", her European background and her musculature, I was afraid they were going for a female version of Mighty Igor or Ivan Putski.

But like I said, her name was changed to Aksana and she started managing Eli Cottonwood in November of 2009.
Then in January 2010, she made her in-ring debut and actually started wrestling.
Funny thing is, that when she started wrestling, she reminded me of Trish Stratus when she first started out.

But in August of 2011, Aksana showed up on SmackDown! with the same name, but a whole new look.
She doesn't remind me of Trish anymore and if anything, I think her new look has made her way hotter.
Now the blonde haired Aksana has jet black hair with bangs and dark skin.

Here is the fairly awkward scene where she shows up....

Maybe they should stop making her act and just focus on wrestling...
Yeah right.
That'll happen.

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