Friday, June 3, 2011

Kharma is Gone...For Now

I was really excited when I found out the Awesome Kong was going to the WWE.
It went against every "Diva rule" and I couldnt wait to see what happened.
Well, Kia (Kong) made this announcement on WWE....

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her and I really hope she does come back in a year and grinds the Bellas into dust.
I just almost wish the WWE had her just vanish and come back in a year.
Because now I think we will see a "Monster Face" when she comes back.

Anyway, some of the other Divas are getting in on the act via Twitter....

"Didn't expect that one! I respect @Kharma for BeliEVEing &; following her dreams. Just not when it involved planting my face into the ground."

"I volunteer to give @Kharma a's my baby gift to her. Btw for all haters, stop hating im a HUGE @kharma fan myself, I'll buy the baby some awesome gap onesie... And also maybe some baby louis vuitton flats"
- Maryse

By the way, a lot of people got angry over the Bellas involvment at the end of the promo.
C'mon, this is the WWE, tasteless is everyday there.
What bugged me is that the Faces didnt come out and clear the ring.

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