Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can You Really Blame Maryse?

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Several wrestling sites are saying that Ted DiBiase's lack of a WWE push is because Maryse is not doing all that well as a valet.
They are saying that Maryse is more interested in making herself look good than being an "effective" valet.
One article even referenced Maryse as "the former glamour model"


Okay... Maryse IS a a former glamour model and a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada.
But you have to remember that she is also a former WWE Divas Champion.
Two times actually.

I never thought I would be defending Maryse's wrestling skills (okay, actually I'm still not), but would the WWE take John Cena and make him Edge's valet and expect him to go at it heart and soul?

I know the Women's Belts mean next to nothing to Vince and his crew, but taking a former champion and making a them a valet makes the title (and the wrestlers) look weak.
Remember K-Fed pinning Cena?
That STILL makes me mad to this day.

Remember when women started OUT as valets and worked up to being wrestlers?

Yes we know the Divas are just Eye Candy to the WWE story writers.
Fortunately that's not the case in TNA (okay...not as much so) and thank God the Indys still hold the female wrestlers in high regard.
Lucha Libre and Joshi treat their female wrestlers better than that.

So yeah, maybe Maryse IS slacking off as a valet.

Can you blame her?

To paraphrase Bret Hart....

"Who are you to doubt Maryse?

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