Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mickie James Versus Tara - Turning Point

Well I guess now Mickie James is firmly entrenched in TNA.
The former WWE Diva turned TNA Knockout will be facing another former WWE Diva turned Knockout Tara at the TNA PPV Turning Point on November 7th.

Tara is allegedly angry at Mickie, because she thinks that Mickie had something to do with Tara's WWE release.
Of course this is all storyline because Tara (Victoria) left the WWE back in January 2009 on her own terms.
But you need something to fuel the fire right?

One thing I have noticed since Mickie has arrived on TNA, is that the "Piggy James" thing has been laid to rest.
TNA seems to be celebrating Mickie's voluptuousness.
Look at her "Daisy Dukes" and tied off plaid shirt wrestling gear.
And another thing I have noticed, is that the fans (mainly the male ones) seem to be firmly behind the curvy look.

You have to admit, back in the old days, you didn't see model thin ladies duking it out in the ring.
And you wont see that with the shapely Mickie and Tara going at it in the ring.

Mickie James Versus Tara - Turning Point, posted to http://beautiful-wrestling.blogspot.com/ on November 3rd, 2010

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