Monday, March 2, 2009

WWE Diva Wrestling Posters

I found these posters at

It kinda struck me as strange that they had only 3 WWE Diva posters there and two of them are women that no longer wrestle for WWE.

They have a Candice Michelle.
Still wrestling, but not very much exposure.

A Torrie Wilson.
Not wrestling anymore, but running a successful clothing line.
And she is keeping her contact with her wrestling fans by making appearances.
Her next one being Booker T's "Legends of Wrestling" convention on Friday, April 3.

And an Ashley Massaro.
Although there is that rumor that Ashley may actually come back to the WWE.
WWE's head television producer Kevin Dunn used to be very big on Ashley.
One reason being that she was a WWE Diva Search winner and Kevin was the main person behind the Diva Search concept.
He was instrumental in getting her on the Survivor: China show, and possibly her "Smallville" gig.
But when Ashley got back from the Survivor show, Ashley didn't get the pop from the fans that she used to.
Some put that down to her change in appearance.
Also, some people say that she helped in the downfall of Paul London in the WWE.
Of course Ashley dated both Paul and Matt Hardy when she was in the WWE, and that might have something to do with the bad blood between Matt and Paul now.

All this attention to past Divas goes back to what I've mentioned a few times here and on my other women's wrestling blog, that sometimes the most popular ladies aren't even actively wrestling anymore.
Trish Stratus, Lita and Stacy Keibler are still very popular with fans, even after not actively competing for awhile.

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