Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Bikini Bash Battle Royale

A lot of times the WWE winds up with the Divas bikini wrestling.
Usually it's an " accident" ( Like the beginning of the Victoria / Christy Hemme feud), but recently it was intentional.......

The Bikini Bash Battle Royale:

" This wasn't terrible and it gave some of the Divas a chance to show a few moves, but it just took way too much time. When every Diva gets a full ring entrance, it really takes up time and then the match itself goes on longer than it probably should. I guess it was only 6 minutes long, but it seemed like much longer. I was actually distracted being worried that the Divas were going to slip and hurt themselves with all of the water in the ring. They tried to have a sexy water fight while at the same time a real Battle Royale. And it just didn't work. Why not just have a sexy water fight without the Battle Royale where they were clearly trying to elevate Michelle McCool. That would be o.k., but not in his type of match. As it was, it was mostly just a sloppy mess."

Full article here:

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