Saturday, February 28, 2009

WWE Diva Candice Michelle, Face or Heel?

WWE Diva Candice Michelle, Face or Heel?

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After injuring her shoulder in 2008, then re-injuring again when she tried to return to the ring, WWE Diva Candice Michelle hasn't seen a lot of ring time.

And now that's she's back in the ring at mainly house shows, you have to wonder if the WWE writing staff really knows what to do with her.

There was talk of a possible heel turn awhile back, but that remains to be seen.

And there was also talk of Candice putting on a few pounds and looking kinda outta shape.

But I don't see any evidence of that in any photos I've seen.

So will she be drafted to SmackDown! or stay on Raw.

I'm gonna say she'll stay on the Raw flagship.

I also think a heel turn might be likely.

But Candice, even without a lot of ring time on TV, is still one of the (if not the) most recognizable WWE Divas to the general public.

So a heel turn might not be a good idea as far as image goes.

Then again, when Mickie James was a heel, everyone loved her.

The WWE's bottom line is.... which is gonna sell more tickets, Candice as a heel or face?

Personally, I think Candice as a heel is great.

And can you imagine the heat a Candice Michelle / Maryse tag team would get?

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