Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Melina, Beth Phoenix and Victoria's SmackDown! Send Off

Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw they actually had two womens matches.
Real ones for the most part.
But most of it was build up for the Melina / Beth Phoenix match this Sunday at the WWE Royal Rumble.

Michelle McCool said a lot of nice things about Victoria on her WWE blog.

And speaking of Victoria, you can see her farewell speech that wasn't aired Friday night on SmackDown! on WWE.Com
It's pretty sad watching her with tears in her eyes hugging Taz and JR goodbye, shaking hands with the fans and blowing kisses.
She even did the old "Psycho" move before she exited.
You can see it here.

And speaking of JR, over at his blog JRsBarBQ.com.,he seems as upset as I am at the send off the WWE gave Victoria.
After all the time she spent with the WWE. I expected something more, and I'm glad to see Good Old JR agrees with me on that.

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