Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last months top ten in female wrestling

Here's a list of last months top ten in female wrestling.....

1. Trish Stratus
Not even wrestling anymore.

2. Candice Michelle
Still out with injury.

3. Melina
Again, out with an injury.

4. Torrie Wilson
Again...not wrestling anymore. Though I have heard some rumors about appearances at Indy events.....

5.Mickie James
FINALLY! Yes still actually wrestling.

And the rest.......
6. Stacy Keibler
Not wrestling, but I bet her appearance at Comic Con had something to do with this.
7. Ashley Massaro
GEEZ! NOT WRESTLING! Maybe I should call this blog " The Beautiful Women that USED to Wrestle"!
8. Stephanie McMahon
Okay, not actually wrestling, but I think the birth of the baby had a lot to do with this.
9. Maria Kanellis
YES! She's actually wrestling!
10. Christy Hemme
The lone TNA Wrestling entry! And yes, she IS wrestling!

1 comment:

Danielle Rouleau said...

Michelle McCool is the best - how could she be left out?

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