Monday, June 4, 2007

(WWE) One Night Stand - Candice Michelle vs. Melina

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One Night Stand: Melina vs. Candice Michelle [Pudding Match]

Melina is wearing goggles for the match. Candice steps in and then out and tosses Melina in the pool of pudding. They start to brawl in the pudding. Not much they can do but slam each other around in the stuff. They do just that. Melina tackles Candice outside of the pool. Candice tosses pudding in Melina’s face. Melina tries to return the favor. But Candice ducks. Candice spears Melina back in the pool. Candice rolls up Melina for a two count.

Back in the pudding and Melina spine busters Candice and applies a headlock. Melina takes off her own goggles. Candice hits a DDT on Melina into the pudding.

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Candice tries to dunk Melina, and then does it again. Melina taps out from the dunk in pudding. Your Winner: Candice Michelle

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After the match Maria comes to interview Candice but Melina tosses pudding at Maria so Maria leaps at Melina and all three women go at it in the pudding. Of course the pull the referee in the pudding. Melina retreats, slipping and sliding away.

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