Saturday, March 3, 2007

WWE - Amy Dumas

Q and A with Amy Dumas

By Kevin Eck
Sun Reporter
Originally published February 22, 2007

Anyone who has ever watched Amy Dumas, formerly known as Lita, perform her acrobatic, high-flying moves in WWE knows that she isn't afraid to take risks. Dumas perhaps took her biggest chance yet last November when she left WWE after nearly seven years to pursue a career in the music business. The former women's wrestling champ is the lead singer of the Luchagors, an Atlanta-based punk rock band. Dumas, 31, hasn't walked away from the ring completely, however, and she will make an appearance at Sunday's Maryland Championship Wrestling show in Dundalk.

What went into your decision to leave a highly successful career with WWE?

It felt like it was time to at least see what else was out there. It's a job that you have to give 110 percent to be successful at, and I just felt like I didn't have 110 percent to give anymore. I feel like if I would have stayed longer with WWE I would have started to resent my time there, because you're so inundated with the schedule and everything.

How did you feel about your breakup with fellow wrestler Matt Hardy and your involvement with Edge [Adam Copeland] becoming public knowledge and then being played out in a WWE story line?

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