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WWE - Lauren Jones

WWE - Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones (Born August 27th, 1982 in Jackson, Mississippi) is an American film and television actress, magazine cover model, and famed bikini model. Jones is known for her versatility and character range, transforming from brassy comedy to moving pathos. Jones has also become an internationally recognized personality, appearing in several high profile advertising campaigns and numerous men's magazines.

Some know Jones as a pro athlete, working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on its SmackDown! brand as a wrestler and scripted Smackdown diva. Jones quickly gained notoriety and global recognition with her famous online ring entrance through her WWE Pro Wrestling Debut:.She was hired after appearing on the cover of the October 2004 issue of SmackDown! magazine with superstar Big Show, where she made such an impression on talent relations they hired her immediately. She was subsequently asked to join the company in their global travels and TV appearances and went on to prove her athletic ability in the ring. While on the road with WWE, Jones was trained by official WWE trainers, along with Hiroko (wrestling manager), and wrestler Rene Dupree.

Jones appeared on the show weekly and competed in SmackDown!'s "Rookie Diva of 2005" contest at No Way Out, with Joy Giovanni, Michelle McCool and Rochelle Loewen. She remained with SmackDown! during Wrestlemania 21 and for months following until leaving the company in July 2005 for career related reasons. Contrary to reports, she was not released from WWE and remains on very good terms with the company. It is reported through online interviews that Jones would accept an invitation back to WWE, however it would be to wrestle and ultimately aim for a shot at the WWE Women's Championship.

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