Friday, February 19, 2016

The WWE NXT Divas Roster - 2016

As we all know (right?) WWE NXT is the professional wrestling developmental branch for WWE.
Based in Winter Park, Florida, this version of NXT has been around since August 2012 when it was a developmental territory for WWE using the name NXT Wrestling.
NXT itself is the decendant of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

The NXT promotion is considered by some to be superior to the "Big Leagues" because though it is still WWE, NXT has more of that Indy feel to it.
And it also has some of the best Divas in the WWE promotion....

Bayley (Pamela Martinez) - NXT Women's Champion

Alexa Bliss (Alexis Kaufman)

Asuka (Kanako Urai aka Kana)

Billie Kay (Jessica McKay)

Carmella (Leah Van Dale)

Dana Brooke (Ashley Sebera)

Nia Jax (Savelina Fanene)

Peyton Royce (Cassie McIntosh aka KC Cassidy)

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