Thursday, November 6, 2014

WWE Divas - Is it Wrong to Like Heel Nikki?

I have been watching Nikki Bella since she turned "Heel", and I have to say, I like her more as a Heel than I did as a Face.

The WWE really hasn't had a good female Heel since Maryse.
AJ is too cute and psychotic and Paige should be a "tweener" and not a full on Heel.
Alicia is just nuts.
Nikki seems to be able to do the "I'm bad and I really enjoy it" thing which is (in my book) necessary for a really good Heel.

Here she is beating Emma on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Nikki-Nikki Bella-female wrestling-ladies wrestling wwe

Nikki-Nikki Bella-womens wrestling-wrestling-wwe-wwe divas

Nikki-Nikki Bella-wwe ladies wrestling-wwe women wrestling

Nikki-Nikki Bella-wwe women's wrestling-wwe wrestling womens photos

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