Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cameron and Naomi vs Tamina and AJ Lee on WWE Monday Night Raw

This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Cameron and Naomi went up against Tamina and AJ Lee.
After the match.....
Holy Deja Vu Batman!
The WWE is stealing plays from TNA's playbook now.....

Tamina and AJ Lee on WWE Monday Night Raw

On WWE Monday Night Raw this week, Tamina Snuka and WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee took on Cameron and a returning Naomi.
Naomi was wearing an eye patch covering her injury from a few weeks back.
I think it's a pretty cool look, kind of a Daryl Hannah/Elle Driver/Kill Bill and female Nick Fury look.

Tamina started off by pounding Cameron around the ring.
Naomi and AJ tag in and Naomi hits AJ with the Rearview and almost pins her.
For the record, I think the Rearview is one of the dumbest wrestling moves of all time.
Right up there with "The People's Elbow" and "The Big Leg".
She hits you with her butt.

Anyway, AJ gets Naomi in the "Black Widow"...but Naomi powers out.
Time for a new move.
Naomi slams AJ. and then hits a moonsault, pinning AJ.

Now...after the match AJ goes all psycho and starts yelling at Tamina because they lost and Tamina shoves AJ down.
Hey....didn’t I see this on TNA Wrestling last week?
Yes I did.

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