Friday, April 5, 2013

Summer Rae and Audrey Marie vs Sasha Banks and Paige - NXT

Some of the best WWE Divas action today is on NXT Wrestling.
These ladies that are working their way up to the main WWE roster are putting on great shows and in many ways rival the action in the "Big Leagues".
It may have something to do with Sara Del Ray coming on as a trainer.
At least that's my guess.
But as an example, look at the most recent NXT Divas match, Summer Rae and Audrey Marie taking on Sasha Banks and Paige.

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Here we have rivalries that are not settled in a week or two, but are actually drawn out.
And in real "Old School" wrestling style, they team up the rivals and have them go at it in the ring.
I am still thinking WWE Womens Tag Team titles here.

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Summer Rae, Audrey Marie, Sasha Banks and Paige are all developing their own fan bases and Paige in particular seems to be very popular.

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She's British, hot and she can really wrestle.
And she's one of the best "Anti-Divas" out there.

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You can see the whole match on YouTube here:

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