Friday, July 13, 2012

AJ Lee - The Most Powerful Diva?

AJ Lee-CM Punk-WWE

The most popular lady on this blog without a doubt is AJ Lee.
She is getting a ton of air time now with the AJ, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk triangle and she seems poised to become the biggest "power broker" in the WWE.
I gotta say that I love all the attention AJ is getting, but I really wish it was for her wrestling and not some soap opera storyline with Punk and Bryan.
I have liked her ever since I first saw her on NXT, (I hadn't seen her in FCW at that point) and really thought then that despite her only weighing in at around 100 pounds, she really had potential.
Hey, 100 pounds doesn't slow down Joshi wrestlers does it?
And of course it's no secret that I love the psycho wrestlers and turning AJ into a cute, mentally unstable teenager doesn't hurt any.
(Though in reality she turned 25 in March)
So again we have all eyes focused on a WWE Diva, but for the wrong reasons.
I guess I shouldn't complain...
After all, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the the Mixed Tag Team Match with CM Punk and AJ Lee taking on Daniel Bryan and Eve Torres drew in 711,000 extra viewers.
That was up over the segments with Christian, Tyson Kidd, Lord Tensai, Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater and Sin Cara.

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