Thursday, May 17, 2012

WWE Divas AJ Lee and Kaitlyn

I haven't mentioned AJ Lee on here in quite a while, so here she is, along with Kaitlyn.
Have you noticed that all of the WWE female wrestlers seem to be caught up in storylines where the man is the reason they do everything?
We had Eve and Zack Ryder (though they did nicely flip that), Maxine/Derrick Bateman/Johnny Curtis, Beth Phoenix/Santino Marella, Kelly/About Half The WWE Roster...
It seems the WWE writers either really like romance...are are convinced a woman is nothing without a man.

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So now AJ's "personal transformation" is because of Daniel Bryan.
It gets kinda old.
Of course AJ formed The Chickbusters with Kaitlyn, but now that's just fodder for the AJ/Bryan romantic angle.

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    Check out the guns on Kaitlyn! I forget at times she was a fitness model before the WWE

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