Monday, October 31, 2011

Now Maryse is Gone!

Now Maryse is Gone!

We just got over losing Gail Kim, and now "The French Canadian Beauty" Maryse Ouellet has left the WWE Divas ranks.
She was released from her WWE contract on October 28, 2011 and that caught a lot of people off guard.
Maryse has been with the WWE since 2006 and disregarding some storylines where they basically underused her, she had shown a lot of improvement.
For a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada, she was fairly decent in the ring, but she had great mike skills.
And she had the blond heel role down pretty pat.
You know you CAN thrive in the WWE with no so great wrestling ability as long as you can get the crowd going.
::cough:: John Cena ::cough::

Now where will Marsye go?
I hate to say that she won't go to TNA since I was dead wrong about that with Gail Kim.
But I really can't see it.
The only way I could see Maryse at TNA would be as a Karen Jarrett type character.

I'm gonna guess that the blond beauty will aim more for modeling and acting.
Kinda like Stacy Keibler.
We saw how well that went.
Of course Stacy is dating George Clooney now.
I think George has this Elvis thing about female wrestlers.
Mark my words.

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