Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goodbye Michelle McCool, Hello Kharma

Isn't it kinda strange when the WWE Extreme Rules PPV has a better Divas match than Wrestlemania?
Yeah I thought so too.
I have to admit, I think Michelle McCool and Layla really brought it in their "Loser Leaves the WWE" match.
It was a better match than I expected.

Michelle McCool - WWE - WWE Diva

I'm not gonna change here and say that I'll miss Michelle McCool or that she was the greatest Diva the WWE ever had.
But she did come a long way from the 2004 WWE Diva Search.
Michelle held both the WWE Divas Championship twice and the WWE Women's Championship twice.
And LayCool was arguably one of the best ideas the WWE had for Divas recently....and was no way inspired by TNA's The Beautiful People.

Is she gone "forever"?
With the Undertaker being seen less and less, I doubt he wants his wife pulling the grueling schedule that the WWE superstars do.
I would imagine he would want her to stay home.
Plus, there is that recently revealed foot injury to content with.

On a high note, we did get to see the appearance of Kia Stevens, aka Awesome Kong aka Kharma.
(You know I kinda got excited when I heard "Kharma" was coming to the WWE, I thought it was Jennifer Thomas)
Kharma got to come in, do the "Monster Heel" bit, demolish Michelle and scare the crap out of the other WWE Divas.

Please WWE, do a Brock Lesnar with Kia.
Have her do some run ins and crush some Divas (The Bellas, Kelly, Eve) before she really gets a storyline going.
You could do Gail versus Kharma (ala TNA) or do what I think most of the fans want, Beth Phoenix and Kharma.

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