Monday, April 25, 2011

Ms. Tessmacher is Back

Ms. Tessmacher - Brooke Adams - TNA

Ms. Tessmacher (Brooke Adams) has returned to TNA and says that she wants the TNA Knockouts Championship.
She has been "training" and wants back into the Knockouts division.
Well here, you can hear it for yourself....

As you probably already know, Ms. Tessmacher has been involved in pro wrestling since 2006.
She started out in the 2006 WWE Diva Search and unfortunately didn't even make it into the top eight.
But as the WWE so often did back then, she was given a contract anyway.
She went to Deep South Wrestling (DSW) to train, starting out as a valet, while training to become an actual wrestler.
Her first wrestling match was (interestingly enough) a loss to Angel Williams (now TNA's Angelina Love) in December of 2006.

Then she went to ECW, where her wrestling training was pretty much tossed out the window and she became a dancer.
But she still continued on in OVW at the same time, until being sent to Florida Championship Wrestling in 2007.

On November 1st, 2007, she was released from the WWE and on March 29, 2010, she showed up on TNA as Eric Bischoff's assistant, Ms. Tessmacher.
Yes she was named after Valerie Perrine's character in Superman and Superman 2.
After a false start with Lacey Von Erich, she finally got in the ring as Mickie James' partner but they were defeated by Madison Rayne and Tara.

On Christmas day she got a broken jaw (Not in the ring mind you, she was punched in the jaw by a friend. Nice gift huh?) and had to have surgery to fix it.

Well now she's back and I'm kinda curious to see what TNA does with her.
Will she be going after Mickie James?

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