Saturday, April 16, 2011

Promos For Awesome Kong and Brandi Alexis Reed

It seems like it's promo time for the WWE Divas.

First, the long awaited first look at Awesome Kong in the WWE....

And then the not so long awaited promo for Brandi Alexis Reed in FCW...

From the looks of it, FCW maybe going with a Middle Eastern gimmick with Brandi.

I havent really mentioned TNA here that much lately (frankly, I havent seen the need to) but here is a reason why.....

TNA 90210?


Ronald Tucker said...

I was looking at Maxim 2011 Day-At-A-Time calendar and Brandi Alexis was "Miss April"...after doing a little research I found out that she was a fiqure skater for 17 years prior to attending the University of Michigan on a full academic scholarship.

Brandi Alexis is a very vivacious, intelligent, and gorgeous model. Thanks for the video!

Ronald Tucker said...

Hi Sabreblade, I enjoyed reading your blog on Brandi Alexis Reed and viewing the FCW video.

Brandi Alexis is featured on my Maxim 2011 Day-At-A-Time calendar for the month of April which is also my birth month. Have a great week!


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