Thursday, December 2, 2010

Midajah - Melinda O'Hearn - Melinda McCullum

Looking back at the ladies that are the most popular here on this blog, I'm surprised at times just how much interest the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) can still stir up.
Case in point, Midajah (aka Melinda O'Hearn, aka Melinda McCullum).
The favorite "freak" of Scott Steiner was born on March 23rd,1973 in Seattle,Washington.

This five foot three, 100 pound beauty was trained by the WCW Powerplant (a pro wrestling school located in Atlanta, Georgia, owned and operated by WCW) and made her pro wrestling debut in 1999.
As I mentioned, she was one of Scott Steiner's freaks and came into the WCW at the same time as Tylene Buck, April Hunter, Kim (Shakira) Kanner and Pamela Paulshock as nWo girls.

When the WWE bought WCW, Midajah went to World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) with Scott, and later managed Perry Saturn.
Then she went to Ultimate Pro Wrestling and trained at their wrestling school before leaving wrestling altogether.
(Despite what a few websites say, she did get in the ring occasionally)

Today Melinda works as a personal fitness trainer and has her website up:

Midajah - Melinda O'Hearn - Melinda McCullum, posted to on December 3rd, 2010

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