Monday, July 26, 2010

Wrestling Rumors and News - Sable, Mickie James, Michelle McCool and More....

Two former WWE divas have cleared the 90 day no-compete clauses on their contracts and should be able to work for other wrestling promotions.

Katie Lea BurchillOne is Katie Lea Burchill.
This young lady is beautiful and talented and needs to be in a ring.
If TNA would treat their Knockouts right, I'd say she would be a great fit there.

Mickie James - wwe - wwe divasAnd Mickie James has cleared her 90 day mark, but I thought she had already been wrestling for the World Wrestling Council (WWC), one Puerto Rico's two main professional wrestling promotions.
Maybe the clause only applies to the continental US.

Torrie Wilson - women wrestling - female wrestlingSpeaking of former WWE Divas, former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson turned 35 on July 24th.
Happy (Late) Birthday Torrie!

Rena Mero - Sable - women wrestling - female wrestlingAnd another former WWE Diva and Women's Champion Rena Mero (Sable) gave birth to a nine pound boy this past Wednesday (7-21-2010), according to
This is her second child with husband Brock Lesnar, and her third total.

Michelle McCool - women wrestling - female wrestlingSt. has an article and interview up with WWE Diva Michelle McCool...

Michelle McCool is a Diva, but only to the rest of the world.
"My life's not really completely different," McCool said.
The 30-year-old Palatka native, known internationally as half of the reigning WWE Women's Champion team and a WWE Diva, said it's hard for her to see the celebrity others see in her.

Eve - WWE - WWE Diva - female wrestlingAs part of the SummerSlam promo, 7-Eleven will be issuing five collectible Super Big Gulp fountain drink cups, and one of them will feature WWE Diva Eve.

Jessie Kresa - ODB - women wrestling - female wrestlingAlex Marvez has an article and interview up with former TNA Knockout ODB / Jessie Kresa...

TNA Wrestling's "Knockout" division doesn't have the same punch without Jessie "ODB" Kresa.
A three-time TNA women's champion, Kresa was released in June. Kresa was one of the company's top female performers from 2007 to 2009. But her saucy character -- ODB's in-ring antics could make even Roseanne Barr in her prime blush -- and public outspokenness about storyline direction caused Kresa to fall out of favor with the new Eric Bischoff/Hulk Hogan management regime.

And finally, a really good article over at The Bleacher Report by Tom Clark about the state of women's wrestling in the WWE and TNA...

Women's Wrestling: WWE and TNA's Lack of Focus

Women‘s wrestling. At one time considered a novelty act in the business, women’s wrestling over the last 10 years has evolved into a more legitimate part of the sport.
Once, fans turned the channel when the women’s match started. But thanks to a handful of standouts in the women’s division, fans instead began tuning in.

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