Friday, July 17, 2009

TNA Knockout News

At the TNA Victory Road PPV, Sharmell will be facing Jenna Morasca.
I figured that the Knockouts main event would be a Womens Title Match.
No Angelina Love?
No Tara?
No Velvet Sky?
Not even Awesome Kong?

And last night on TNA Impact, Sarah Stock finally made her first TV wrestling appearance as Sarita going up against Alissa Flash (who we know better as Cheerleader Melissa).
Sarita got the win, but Alissa got her revenge after the bell as you can see here:

Thanks to TNA for not only posting the match, but allowing people to embed the video so others can see it.

And on Hermie's Hotseat, race car driver, announcer and professional wrestling promoter Hermie Sadler interviews one of my favorite all time female wrestlers, Daffney.
You can watch it here.
I just love Daffney.
I still want her and Tara as a psycho tag team.

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