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Interview With Female Wrestler, Juliet the Huntress

Juliet The Huntress - female wrestling
One of the really cool things about doing this blog is that I get to meet (online at least) a lot of the fantastic female wrestlers out there.
And here is a beautiful young lady that was gracious enough to do a little Q and A for this blog.....Juliet The Huntress.

Juliet stands 5'5 and weighs in at 120 pounds.

And without further ado, the interview......

Where were you born?: Chicago, IL

When were you born?: Sept/21

What made you get into wrestling? Basically growing up watching it, and the fact that it's a fighting sport made it an interest. I'm a first generation wrestler, so it pretty much took all of my initiative to get in to this.

Who trained you?: His name is Quique Cruz. He is a well known wrestler in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

When and where did you make your wrestling debut? : Mid 2005, in Puerto Rico, WWC (Worl Wrestling Council)

What's your wrestling style? : My wrestling style is versatile. I adapt to any wrestling style I need to to get the job done.

What type of outfit do you usually wrestle in ?: usually red... long tights and top is the usual...

Do you have a gimmick?: Yes, The Huntress

What was your biggest win?: The IWA Women's Championship Battle Royal in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

What was your worst loss? : Women's Championship Tournament semi-final match against Black Rose.

What's your favorite type of match? : one on one grudge matches

Whats your favorite holds moves etc? : Hang-Fire(flashback), Fire-Zone(kick combos), spin kick to face, huracanrana from top rope, huracanrana over ropes to the outside, wheel-barrel bulldog, northern lights suplex, cross-body from top rope to the outside,...

Whats your finishing move? : The Huntress DDT

Who have you tagged with? : Mr.450 Hammett

Who have you feuded with? : Genesis, Amazona and Black Rose

What's your best moment so far in wrestling? : The IWA Women's Championship Battle Royal in Caguas, Puerto Rico

Who are your favorite wrestlers? : .... I am =D

Whats your goal in wrestling? : to make it as far as I can, stay safe and master my craft

Whats the best way for fans to keep up with you? : through my MySpace page...

Anything you'd like to add? : Silent, observant, calculating, precise, unforgiving... the consummate hunter.

Juliet The Huntress - wrestling
And I would like to thank this talented young lady for taking the time to do this.
Like I have said before, the Indy wrestlers take their careers to heart and harken back to the days of Ann Casey, some working full time jobs, getting off work, grabbing their gear and jumping in a car to drive to that nights match.
We're not talking primadonnas here, we are talking women that literally put their blood, sweat and tears into their work.

Interview With Female Wrestler, Juliet the Huntress, posted to on 7-13-2009

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