Friday, July 31, 2009

Interview With Female Wrestler Kristin Flake

Wow...when I did my first Q and A with female wrestler Pink, I didn't think the interviews would be that popular.
But then I got another with Juliet the Huntress and now I'm honored to have another with an indy female wrestler who wrestles in my home state...
Today's Q&A is with Kristin Flake, a wrestler in North Carolina.

So without further ado, here it is.... would you like to be addressed?
Kristin Flake....its both my work name and my real name :-)

Height: 5'5
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Where were you born?
Gainesville, Fl.

When were you born?
August 5th

What made you get into wrestling?
I became a fan at the age of 12, and was immediately hooked by the athleticism and spectacle of it all. And knew that I had to get involved.

Who trained you?
I trained with Dory Funk Jr, for a very short time in my teens. I then took several years away for school and to rehab a back injury. When I decided to start full-time in the ring, Kamakazi Kid started training me at the CWF school in Burlington, NC. I also worked there with Jeff Rudd. And I credit Amber O'Neal and Persephone for training me as far as performance at actual shows.

When and where did you make your wrestling debut?
As a CWF Mid-Atlantic in 2003, I think. As a NWA Mid-Atlantic, in Sept or Oct of 2007.

What's your wrestling style?

What type of outfit do you usually wrestle in?
I like to switch things up. Typically you'll see me in something that is pink and black. Sometimes a skirt, others shorts with fishnets. It just depends on my mood that day.

Do you have a gimmick?
I tend to be that sweet innocent face, that is until you make me mad ;-)

What was your biggest win?
Even though it was declared a no contest....I'd hafta say the First Blood match I had back in May of 09. Id never done anything hardcore at all, and it was fun to test my willpower.

What was your worst loss?
Same as biggest win :-)

What's your favorite type of match?
Any match that pushes me to be my best, I love a match that is technical and tells a good story.

Whats your favorite holds moves etc?
I love interesting chain wrestling.

Whats your finishing move?
Front facelock Buster.

Who have you tagged with?
Amber O'Neal, Persephone

Who have you feuded with?
Amber O'Neal, Persephone, Steffi

What's your best moment so far in wrestling?
There's been SO many. Anytime that the crowd is really into it.

Who are your favorite wrestlers?
Sarah Stock, Sting, Evan Bourne

Whats your goal in wrestling?
To just keep traveling, getting better and have a good time.

Whats the best way for fans to keep up with you?
Through MySpace at either:

Anything you'd like to add?
Please check out the MySpace sites, there is lots of info on them including my wrestling schedule, blog updates and how to buy merchandise.

And I would like to thank Kristen for taking the time out to do this.
Again, these are some of the hardest working women in wrestling today, so when they are in a event near you, go out and show your support!

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